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Registered Yoga Teacher

My yoga journey began ten years ago when my family and I moved here from BC. We had just
welcomed a new baby boy into our already busy family and in the midst of raising five boys, I was in a
constant state of feeling overwhelmed and disconnected, with excuses of being “too busy” to even take a deep breath or give myself the care I needed.


The gym was so unappealing to me and my attempts at
an at-home work out were feeble at best. I had expressed some interest in trying yoga but fear that I
was not “flexible enough” held me back until I received a mat and a month long membership at a local
studio from my husband and I figured I had no choice but to try it! I had to dig deep to find the courage
to attend that first class and I am so glad that I did! I had no idea what I was doing, I felt lost the whole
time and it was really challenging, yet I left that day feeling energized and confident! I had never really
experienced anything like it – a full hour with no interruptions, an hour of connecting and paying
attention to my body – it was kind of magical!


After only a few classes, I began to notice subtle changes in my flexibility and strength but, more fascinating to me (and my family) was the sense of calmness that began to seep into my mind, a feeling of space and acceptance that began to influence my daily life; almost as if there was now some space between my thoughts and my reactions, a “softening around the
edges.” Looking back, it is so amazing to see how yoga has changed my life, or perhaps, more so, how it
has changed my perspective.


Yoga has been an invitation to grow and learn, to go deeper, to explore, to allow and to accept. It is a lifelong practice that is always available and meets me right
where I am. Each time I get on my mat I am reminded that I am whole and grounded, and I take that awareness with me wherever I go. I love being able to share that with others, to create a safe space for
people to explore this practice and discover, for themselves, the beauty and depth that is within.

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