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April Cantafio

Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500)

April Cantafio, mother, lover and devotee, steadily walks the path of a yogic lifestyle.
Through dharma';s unfolding, she has become a steward of yoga and aims to preserve
yoga's tradition and integrity. April approaches both her practice and teaching with an innate intention to support the elevation of consciousness while emphasizing the foundational breath and subtle aspects of the practice that allows one to return home.
Gifted at offering accessible classes, her dedication to these timeless teachings enables her to weave what is needed through each session. She invites each practitioner to discover and enhance the balance and harmony within and without.
April is a traditionally trained Yogakovid with over 2500+ in-class training hours, who, over the last 20+ years, has studied and been guided by way of mentorship. This path allowed her to surrender to the gifts of yoga, ayurveda, sanskrit, mantra, and dharma's
philosophical teachings. She is also an E-RYT 500 that is additionally certified in various yogic modalities such as kundalini, yin, yoga nidra, and meditation.
May we all taste the nectar of freedom that is our truest nature. Tat Tvam Asi.

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