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Baby & Me
Pre-registered Class

Staying Fit
5 Week session
Starting October 16th
running to November 13th
Mondays, 11:00am - 12:00pm

$125.00 + GST
with Shantelle Darshana

This class is specifically designed for anyone with a new baby! We will focus primarily on YOU each class helping to release discomforts in the body & mind that may come with being a care provider to a new human. We will also have short periods of each class dedicated to the baby - these can include infant massage, baby and me yoga postures, and/or baby yoga time.

We will practice a variety of meditations and breath techniques coupled with gentle yoga sequences to help create more ease and stability in your body and in your mind. This class is like no other in its fluidity & unpredictability! You are encouraged to tend to the needs of your little one whenever needed: freely feed, change and soothe your baby at any time without feeling like you need to leave the room, knowing you are fully supported here to do what's best for the two of you. Babies from newborn up to crawling are welcome. 

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