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We are passionate about small businesses and love to showcase and carry products created with love by members of our community whenever possible. Sometimes when a product is not available locally, we've turned to Canadian companies with outstanding reputations that we know we can stand behind - and even then, they usually end up being homegrown businesses in someone else's backyard.

We value quality, building relationships with people and supporting creative people and businesses in all that we do.  Here you will find products that have been carefully selected with the intention of promoting wellness in your life and supporting you in your practice. When you click on an item below, it will take you to a description and you'll have the opportunity to complete a secure checkout through our online Mindbody store.

Please note, as our studio is not open yet, it will charge you a flat rate of $15.00 shipping and handling HOWEVER, if you are in Spruce Grove or Stony Plain and want it dropped off for you, use the promo code SHOPLOCAL and it will automatically take $10.00 off your order. We will then reach out to you to schedule a drop-off. Namaste!



We looked at many clothing options and loved that Keylime is locally owned and distributes many Canadian (and some US) brands in comfortable and equally stylish clothing for both movement and lifestyle. Their fabrics are sustainable and environmentally friendly bamboo and supplex performance fabrics. 

We have some clothes on hand in our boutique, pictured below. When you click the item, it will take you to a description of the product (you may have to select the proper size and colour) and our secure checkout through Mindbody.  


If you don't see the size or colour you are looking for, VISIT KEYLIME's WEBSITE.

Here you will find other styles and products for sale, other colour and sizing options and much more! 

If you see something on Keylime's website you would love for us to carry in our boutique, let us know! We will bring it in for you on our next order. We replenish our boutique stock every couple of months, so changeover of items is high to keep our clothing fresh and current.

For more sizes and tons of other products, VISIT KEYLIME'S WEBSITE.

Santosha Naturals.JPG

Santosha Naturals

Sweet Dreams Bath Tea.JPG

Sweet Dreams Bath Tea

Epsom salts and a special blend of calming herbs and essential oils to help you relax, unwind and get ready for a good nights sleep. Infused with sweet almond oil and oats to soothe and hydrate the skin.


Goddess Bath Tea

The ultimate luxurious addition to your self care routine! A beautiful blend of dried rose, calendula, and hibiscus flowers that not only smell amazing but also have some great effects on the skin. You will feel and smell like a goddess after taking a bath with this floral concoction!


Muscle Soothe Bath Tea

Epsom salt and a special blend of herbs and essential oils to help you relax, unwind and get ready for a good nights sleep. Infused with sweet almond oil and oats to soothe and hydrate the skin.

Santosha Naturals.jpg

Lavender Bath Melts

These ones are all about relaxation. Lavender, cedarwood and chamomile essential oils will relax your mind and body while cocoa butter and coconut oil soothe and moisturize your skin.


Onyx Bracelet

Onyx with rose quartz plated lava stones. Onyx is a soothing stone that can help release negativity and encourages personal growth. It is said to help with letting go of relationships and situations that no longer serve you. It helps you build a more positive life.

Santosha Naturals.JPG

Mood Boost Body Scrub

Sugar scrubs are perfect for a quick self care treat in the shower! They leave your skin polished, moisturized and smelling GREAT! This mood boosting scent is the perfect thing to add to your morning shower to start your day off on the right foot!


Flower Garden Lotion Bar

All the moisturizing goodness of body butter in a convenient bar form! Use this heavenly scented bar after a bath or shower (or anytime really) to nourish and hydrate your skin while locking in moisture and improving elasticity!

Milk Chocolate Bath Melts.JPG

Milk Chocolate Bath Melts

Bath melts! They melt into your bath water and nourish your skin. You'll get out of the bath feeling like you put lotion on! And they smell like a heavenly mix of chocolate and flowers.


Aventurine Bracelet

Aventurine helps bring out positivity. It helps boost creativity, calm anger and it is said to protect against environmental pollution. It is also known to help you attract abundance and wealth into your life.

Pottery By Lesley

Heart Tealight

Lovely heart tealight with heart-shaped openings throughout. The perfect gift for a loved one, or just for yourself.

Star Tealight

Beautiful and bright, this star tealight holder has many openings for the light to shine through!

Village Crafts

Blissful Buddha.jpg
Blissful Buddha Coasters

Beautiful ceramic coasters handmade from napkins with a splash of sparkle and a dash of love. Blissful Buddha design. Set of 4 coasters.

Heart of Nature.jpg
Heart of Nature Coasters

Beautiful ceramic coasters handmade from napkins with a splash of sparkle and a dash of love. Heart of Nature design. Set of 4 coasters.

Within You Yoga

Inner Spiral Mandala

Grey ombré thread

Hoop in light grey wrap 

Approx 22”

Heart of the Lotus Mandala

Blue thread 

Grey wrap

19” hoop

Our Boutique Vendors


Our clothing and Hillberg & Berk earrings are supplied through Keylime, an athletic wear clothing company that began 12 years ago in Sherwood Park by Kristi Wozniak: a mom of three kids and innovative entrepreneur passionate about health and wellness. 

Santosha Naturals.JPG
Santosha Naturals

Santosha Naturals is a locally owned and operated business created by Chanelle Bouffard: fellow yoga teacher, long-time yoga practitioner and all around wonderful human. She specializes in all-natural, luxurious self-care products and jewelry.

Pottery By Lesley

Lesley Robinson has been refining her skills as a potter for the past several years. Her pieces have evolved as she has, effortlessly capturing the whimsical, playful and loving nature that springs from her fingers as living works of art. Every piece holds a beautiful, joyful essence, like breathing a breath of fresh air.

Blissful Buddha.jpg
Village Crafts

Helga Mertz is a local creator in Spring Lake. Helga designs beautiful zen and yoga-inspired coasters made from napkins, metamorphed into gorgeous ceramic pieces that always glitter with the splash of sparkle she adds to them. Each set is unique and handmade with love.

Within You Yoga

Amanda Whiting is a yoga teacher of 8+ years, and has been crocheting and knitting since 2011. The first time she saw a crocheted mandala, she was instantly drawn to it. The experience of making mandalas for her is both calming and meditative. She always creates them knowing that they will each find their way to the right person.


Coming soon! Created by Amethyst Ward out of Edmonton, a long-time friend and avid yoga teacher, plus mom to a 9 year old and brand new babe. What could be better than underwear that promotes women's health, are comfy, breathable, great for yoga and also stylish? These are the Wundrwear you've been waiting for!

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