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Butterfly Effect
A Transformational Summer of
Yoga & Connection

Image by Alfred Schrock
Kick-off Intention Setting & Community Connection
Friday, June 30th at 6:00pm
with Alethea Latta & Krista Daneluz Vieira

The Butterfly Effect is the theory that small things can culminate to create large effects in a later state (such as the butterfly flapping it's wings to create a typhoon).


The seeds of transformation start in the palm of your hand. Over time, with nourishment, care and nutrients, they grow into what they have had encoded within them all this time.


We know that the summer is a time of shifting and change! Schedules we've held through the year begin to slide and so do the routines we've created to support ourselves in finding balance and contentment in our lives.


This is why this year through the months of July and August, we've created a community container to keep you connected, supported and empowered in all you are seeking to bring into your life this year. Your goals and progress both within and on the mat do not need to take a two-month siesta this year! You can enjoy your summer and stay connected to what you have been nurturing and growing this year - and here's how.


  • Two months unlimited yoga through July and August

  • Kick-off Intention Setting & Community Connection on Friday June 30th at 6:00pm with Alethea & Krista

  • Weekly invitations to reflect, remember and be re-inspired to stay true to yourself and your goals

  • Build confidence, consistency and resiliency in your practice and mental attitude

  • Midway gathering Sunday, July 30th @ 6:00pm to celebrate where you are and get reconnected with the group

  • Two prizes to be won - one for the person with most classes attended in July & August, the second open to everyone signed up

  • A final celebration Sunday, August 27th @6:00pm to come together, share what you've learned, celebrate your accomplishments, reflect on your intention & where you go from here and connect with the community

  • Special offer at the end to anyone looking to continue the momentum!


$225 + GST per person

If you are an auto-renew, 6 month or 12 month unlimited member, your rate is $26 + GST to participate.

Time to plant the seeds of tomorrow and embark on a summer journey of transformation and connection.

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