Class Descriptions

Foundation Flow

Foundation Flow is a slower flow class that sets the ground for yogic breathing, postures and techniques. Here you will learn the names of the poses, how to modify them for your body and how to integrate props to support alignment within the pose. Transitions are slower to encourage patterns of moving the body that promote health and steadiness. This is a great class for beginners and for those who want to build strength and body awareness.

Gentle Yoga

This class is ideal for beginners and for those new to the practice, as well as for those rehabilitating or beginning to bring more strength and movement into their lives. Here we start with the basics, learning modifications, the foundation of the postures, how to integrate breath into the practice, and everything you can think of to begin at the beginning. This is the cornerstone class to begin your yoga journey with.

Flow Yoga

Incorporating breath and movement, this class will warm you up, connect with your core, stretch and strengthen your body and bring mindful awareness to your breath with pranayama. Prepare to feel energized, grounded and centered when you leave.

Yin Within

Enjoy a slow, meditative class of long-held poses that invite the connective tissue in the body to lengthen. Here you can rest, relax and breathe space into the body, encouraging softening where the body is holding, and relaxation in your mind and heart.


If you have ever wanted to dissect the yoga practice more thoroughly, to understand what is happening with your body and how to create the shapes of the postures from a functional anatomy standpoint, this class is for you. Transitions into the postures are slower to bring awareness to how the body is moving and how to create specific shapes, with anatomical references peppered in. You will emerge from classes with a greater awareness of the body in addition to the refreshed, centered midframe every yoga class creates!

Yogarise Flow

This is our foundational practice, integrating many of yoga's limbs to create a holistic frame for your evolving yoga practice in more ways than just the physical. Blending asana with pranayama, and inviting in pratyahara, dharana and dhyana, you will be individually guided and encouraged in the inwardly deepening experience of your practice. Centering the body through movement and breath control, withdrawing the outward turning of the senses, focusing the awareness inward and cascading into meditation all align the whole person toward inner alignment and realization. This class is a complete invitation to dive into a focused, multi-layered practice to bring you to the center of yourself.

Hip Opening Flow

This flowing class creates congruity between both sides of the body, targeting the hip joints and the spine. Some poses focus on stability while others explore freedom of movement, all in a flow style class that will warm the core, activate the breath and leave you feeler looser, aligned and refreshed.

Heart Opening Flow

This class is expansive and deeply connected to the heart. Merging breath with flowing movement, you will feel uplifted and inspired by integrating arm positions with breath to activate lung and heart meridians, and open the front line of the body with warriors, backbends and heart-focused meditation.

Yoga Core

This yoga class will build the connection to whole-body core, creating functional movement patterns that are supported and stabilized from the center of the body outward. Invigorating, strengthening and uplifting!

Myofascial Flow

Combining self-massage techniques with traditional yoga poses, this class builds the relationship and understanding of how our muscles and connective tissue (fascia) work together to promote movement. Myofascial release techniques and skin rolling will be incorporated into practice to help free the fascia from the muscles so that the whole body functions and moves more freely.

No Hands Flow

The perfect class to breathe and flow, with no heavy pressure on your hands or harsh angles on your wrists. Integrate breath with movement, feel inspired and energized, all while transitioning from one pose to another in a creative dance that frees the wrists from the practice.

Rest & Restore

Restorative yoga is a phenomenal practice to support the rest and digest aspect of the nervous system. By using props to support the body in finding comfortable shapes and holding the poses for longer stretches, the body and mind are given the space to become truly relaxed and at ease while promoting lymph flow, circulation and restfulness.

Ashtanga Inspired

Ashtanga is a breath-movement integrated practice designed to heat the body, detoxify, build strength and tone the nervous system. In Ashtanga, there are 6 series; this class is modelled after the Primary Series poses. The sequence will change from class to class, yet the flowing, balanced sequence and 5-breath posture holds will appear in every class. If you are looking for a class to focus your intention, and deepen your connection to whole-body core, this is for you.

Stillpoint Meditation

This class will guide you into meditation, where you can connect with your inner silence and stillness and become aware of your thoughts in a safe and grounded space. The teacher will guide you in, leave you in silence for a time, and guide you back. Tea is served, and may be enjoyed in silence or in mindful conversation. This is an opportunity to focus your awareness, perhaps letting your thoughts fall away or diving deeper into one to discover its root. Perfect for beginners and seasoned meditators.

Yin Yang Balance Flow

The perfect balance of strengthening and softening. This class will start with movement combined with breath and flow-style vinyasa practice and slow down into the mellow depths of yin and relaxation at the end. For those who love yin, yet also value integrated strength and functional movement, you will love this accessible, all-levels class!