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Tiffany MacWhinnie

Registered Yoga Teacher

I'm Tiffany, mother of two amazing grown humans and wife to the best husband ever. I've been a stay-at-home mom on and off, with a few fabulous life experiences tucked in between.

Thinking back to when yoga started for me...I got a small taste for yoga years ago and loved it. However it just wasn't the time for me to dive in. When I moved back to Alberta in 2016 I started with restorative and candlelight as I loved the "zen" time.

My neighbour dragged me to hot yoga and I found my diving board and went in head first. My love for yoga and the people I was now surrounded by intensified. I craved to take it deeper and potentially share this amazingness with others. So here I am, thanks to a handful of amazing humans. I am excited to have this opportunity to create a safe and positive space for others as well as look forward to continuing to be surrounded by the amazing humans that come along with it.

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