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Embodied Mantra
An Introduction to the Yoga of Sound

Saturday, December 2nd & Sunday, December 3rd
12:00 - 4:30pm each day 
with April Cantafio, E-RYT 500
$220 + GST

Through this experiential immersion, attune to the subtlety of sound and discover how to effortlessly re-align with your inner truth, open to your deeper potential and access the pristine and illuminating universal consciousness encoded in mantra.

Mantras are highly tuned patterns of elevated consciousness designed to support all facets of life. They are practical in approach and powerful in results and realization. The word mantra is derived from two Sanskrit words: manas = mind, and trai = to free, and such, by cultivating a deeper foundation and relationship with mantra, the mind naturally expands. The heartfelt recitation of mantra de-conditions the mind and ease-fully washes away the veils of illusion. Mantra re-awakens inner joy, enriches your life and welcomes you back home to the wholeness of Self.

Do you desire to…

  • Re-inspire your practice (and teaching if you are a yoga teacher)

  • Learn to chant or to enhance the potency of your mantra chanting

  • Honour the yogic tradition more fully

  • Connect more deeply to the infinite support of the universe

  • Actively transform the limitations of your mind

  • Lead mantras with more integrity and energetic support


Join April for this rich and integrative immersion, an excellent foundation for ALL yoga practitioners and teachers.

In this immersion, you will…

  • Enjoy yogic practices designed to strengthen your capacity to carry the energy of mantra

  • Learn the authentic meaning of mantra and how modern yoga falls short in its exploration

  • Review the Sanskrit alphabet, the building blocks of mantra

  • Explore the responsible use of sound

  • Understand the difference between chanting and singing (this will surprise you!)

  • Learn several Vedic mantras with proper pronunciation and intonations (svaras) in the Samhita chanting style

  • Explore Bija Mantras, what they are, how they are applied and how to use them appropriately

  • Learn to awaken Mantra Shakti and open to its importance as a practitioner and teacher of yoga

This immersion is the second in a two-part series. Taking Embodied Sanskrit before this immersion, Embodied Mantra, is highly encouraged for a richer and more complete experience. Sign up for both and receive 10% off.

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