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Embodied Sanskrit
An Introduction to Yoga's Sacred Language of Light

Mantra Yoga Part 2 (High Res)-1017.jpg
Saturday, November 4th & Sunday, November 5th
12:00 - 4:30pm each day 
with April Cantafio, E-RYT 500
$220 + GST

Through this immersion of sacred sound, learn to align harmoniously with your inner truth, unfold the vibrancy of well-being you are worthy of and reap support from the blueprint of the universe that permeates the Sanskrit language.

Sanskrit is not only the language of yoga but also the language of light and serves as a bridge to unite humanity with divinity and pure awareness. In modern yoga, little is known of Sanskrit's mystical capacity and innate wisdom, yet one can learn to heal and align the body with grace and ease by cultivating intimacy with its sacred letters. Each sound itself is infinite in support and opens the hidden structures of the mind so you can effortlessly rise above the limitations of apara (unserving) beliefs and discover the true nature of their being as whole.

Do you desire to…

  • Re-inspire your practice

  • Re-inspire your teaching, if you are a yoga teacher

  • Rise above the misconceptions that Sanskrit is hard or dull!

  • Honour the yogic tradition more fully

  • Take the next step to transform the limitations of your mind

  • Enhance the potency of mantra chanting and understand why mantra carries the effects it does.


Join April for this rich and integrative immersion, an excellent foundation for ALL yoga practitioners and teachers alike.


In this immersion, you will…

  • Apply Sanskrit sound vibrations in yogic practices and meditation

  • Learn to chant the Sanskrit alphabet with proper pronunciation and placement (using

  • Roman alphabet characters)

  • Learn how to balance and harmonize the chakras using the Sanskrit alphabet

  • Explore the immensity of Sanskrit and the role it plays in the journey toward your highest Self

  • Unfold some of the secret symbologies of Sanskrit sound

  • Learn the modern science and benefits of Sanskrit

  • Connect to the metaphysical science and benefits of Sanskrit

  • Learn simple ways to introduce sacred sounds into your practice or classes if you are a teacher.

This immersion is the first in a two-part series. Taking Embodied Sanskrit before the second immersion, Embodied Mantra, is highly encouraged for a richer and more complete experience. Sign up for both and receive 10% off.

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