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Julie Pequin Yoga Accessories


Howlite Rhodonite & Rudrakshra Mala + Bracelet


Moss Agate Mala


Unakite Lotus Bracelet


Green Aventurine Mala + Bracelet


Amethyst Gemstone Bracelet (Set of 2)

IMG-3697 (1).jpg

Howlite Geode Bracelet


Black Obsidian Wrap Bracelet with Protection Charm

IMG-3670 (1).jpg

Unakite Lava Bracelet

IMG-3698 (1).jpg

Tiger's Eye Bracelet

About Julie Pequin

Julie Pequin Yoga Accessories

JPY Accessories is owned and operated by Julie Pequin in Drayton Valley. Julie loves getting creative on and off her mat, whether it’s creating a one of a kind gemstone mala, a kick ass sequence or precious moments with all that surrounds her. Julie has been teaching yoga for 4 years, operating her own yoga business for the last 3 of those years and practicing yoga for over a decade. Gemstone mala jewelry just seemed to fit with everything yoga and sharing her creative side. Each piece of jewelry is blessed and cleared using white sage and good intentions to allow the gemstones to be ready for their new owner.

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