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Registered Yoga Teacher
Registered Massage Therapist

I love to see people smile, grow, change and discover. Above all, I love to share my passion for yoga with others. While I am passionate about many things in life, yoga is something meaningful that I can truly share with other people.

My personal yoga practice began in my teenage years. I knew there was something about this practice that deeply enriched my life in many ways. As I moved into adulthood, yoga became a bigger more prominent part of my daily life and my passion and understanding of this life path began to evolve. My practice quickly deepened as I grew and changed profoundly in many aspects of my own life.

As time went on, my entire world began to shift and change. My passion and experience became something that I felt pulled to share with others. I soon found
myself following my desire to share by embarking on my first yoga teacher training. My excitement and desire to teach and share with others has continued
to grow and be at the forefront of my heart. My mission is to provide others with the opportunity to grow, find balance and experience the true benefits of enjoying a yoga practice.

My interest in massage therapy began to ignite a few years back when I was taking my 200 hour yoga teacher training. The anatomy portion of our training was led by very knowledgeable and passionate massage therapist who inspired me with her profound knowledge of the human body and its intricate and functional movements. My fascination for the human body quickly began to grow along with my deep desire to help others achieve  and maintain their overall mind, body wellness goals. After teaching yoga for some years, the integration of massage therapy seemed like a very natural progression for me and I soon enrolled in the 3000 hour Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy Program at MaKami College in Edmonton. I achieved a diploma in massage therapy in 2022 and now enjoy teaching and practicing massage therapy.

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