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Registered Yoga Teacher
Mantra Meditation Teacher

My personal meditation practice began shortly after I was diagnosed with severe postpartum depression. Although I had been living with multiple, daily panic attacks, constant anxiety, brain fog, and fatigue, the diagnosis came as a shock. After a series of violent visions, I was immediately placed on anti-depressants and then spent the following 3 years actively learning how to restore balance back to my life.

In 2011 I was introduced to Vedic Mantra Meditation by Ian Hayward, an accomplished Ayurvedic Wellness Consultant and Panchakarma Therapist. Within a few weeks, a radical shift occurred. Energy, clarity, focus, and a more youthful, passionate presence slowly began to emerge from my daily practice. The constant sluggishness and fogginess that had became my norm began to lift. The days that I meditated were 100% better than the days I missed.

Fascinated by this simple practice and its profound results, I dove into the science and history of Ayurveda and meditation. After completing Ian's series of Advanced Ayurveda Courses, and with his incredible support and guidance, I began to teach Vedic Mantra Meditation.

I am now honoured to be able to share this healing practice with others so that they too can re-discover their inner compass. It all begins with a bit of self care. Self care is the first step to health, happiness, peace, and abundance.
Self care is love in its purest form.

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