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Myofascial ball release workshop 

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Saturday, June 10
2:00 - 4:00pm

$45.00 + GST
with Shelley Budinski, Roll Model® Method Practitioner

In this inspirational two-hour workshop, Shelley Budinski will empower you to take your healing into your own hands using the massage therapy balls, which are effective for relieving the myofascial layers. These dense, grippy, pliable rubber balls are designed to gently mold against your skin, getting into your superficial and deeper connective tissues. This helps to hydrate the tissues, send new messages to the brain, and unglue stiffness within your muscles, ligaments, and joints.

You will be taken on a step-by-step journey as you explore many techniques for self-myofascial massage. You will learn safe and effective self-care and self-massage techniques to help improve movement, manage pain, release tension, and restore balance throughout your entire system.

There will be a short discussion at the beginning of the workshop, followed by a series of key ball placement locations and specific body movements. Once you learn this system, you will know how to target and roll out your areas of pain or discomfort while learning how to relax and release tension. It’s an effective way to take care of your body and enhance your well-being in a busy and fast-paced world. Your body will only thank you! 

About Shelley Budinski

My yoga journey began in 2011 when I attended my first yin yoga class. There, I experienced a depth of peace in my body I didn’t even know was missing. I became profoundly relaxed and filled with a sense of calm and ease. This pulled me to explore a variety of styles and classes, and yoga quickly became the impetus for change throughout all my levels. 

By 2015, the desire to deepen my practice and learn safe and proper alignment inspired me to enroll in Yoga Teacher Training.  It was here my love for this practice evolved and flourished. I discovered the teacher in me! I found my voice and a place that allowed for authentic expression. Discovering and teaching yoga was like going home for me -  it felt natural and deeply right. 

Since completing my YTT200 in 2015, I have come to specialize in accessible and inclusive yoga, offering safe environments and alternative ways to move your body.  I am trained in both restorative and chair yoga and offer a variety of hatha yoga classes and private sessions. 

In 2022, I accelerated ahead and worked with Krista Daneluz Vieira as my mentor, designed and created a "How to Teach Chair Yoga" course and now offer it to both teachers and students alike. I am also a Reiki master and currently offer this universal energy healing through public Healing-Soundbaths and private sessions. Moreover, I recently earned my certification as a Roll Model Method Practitioner, and with the use of the yoga tune-up therapy balls teach hands-on self-myofascial massage workshops and classes. 

With over 30 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, I bring a combination of knowledge and experience gained through a ten-year career as an acupressure massage therapist, blended with the practical application of yoga, functional movement, and breath practices.  

I believe yoga is to be accessible to and inclusive of everyone. One of the most beautiful things about this practice is you get to start exactly where you are and work at a pace that is right for you, all while cultivating a sense of balance and well-being. 

I am grateful to be a part of this wonderful community as an instructor, student, friend, and fellow yogini. I look forward to moving, laughing, and sharing in this beautiful practice together.

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