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Restorative Yoga Soundbath

Friday, September 13, 2024
6:00pm - 8:00pm  
with Alethea Latta, RYT & Kevin Parkinson
$59 + GST

Restorative yoga is a grounding, centering practice that innately draws your nervous system into a deep state of internal rest. With longer held poses in fully-supported restful shapes, you will be guided to bring attention to your breath, all while moving through layers of relaxation on your physical, emotional and mental levels. Alethea weaves intention and invitation through your restorative journey, bringing you to your most inherently peaceful state.

Sound is a primal element in the universe that bypasses our minds and can resonate with us on very deep levels. It can ground us to the Earth, open our hearts and lift us into higher states of consciousness. In combining sometimes subtle and sometimes energetic rhythms, crystal and singing bowls and various percussion with a restorative yoga practice, Kevin creates an intuitive, spontaneous and intimate language that accompanies both movement and stillness like a heartbeat.

Join Kevin and Alethea for this restorative soundbath journey. 

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