Specialty &
Pre-registered Classes

Reiki & Restorative Yoga

Reiki & Restorative


6:00 - 7:30pm  

with Rochelle Richards

$25 + GST

Enjoy a calming, grounding restorative yoga practice with props to make every pose comfortable and supported. In different poses, Reiki masters will come around and offer Reiki (healing touch) to one or more areas of the body as intuited. This nourishing, transformative practice is offered once per month and space is limited to ensure everyone is able to receive Reiki in at least one pose.

Kids in Preschool

Wee One Yoga (for 2-4 yr olds)



with Rochelle Richards

$22 + GST/2 classes

What better way to learn yoga than with the active, creative and open mind of a preschooler? Your child's social connection with others will be encouraged and supported as they learn yoga poses in new, fun ways each week, along with breathing techniques to focus and calm their minds and nervous systems, creative, mindful play and explorative crafts to ignite and inspire their minds and hearts in an open and imaginative environment.

Children's Race

Kids Yoga (for 5-10 yr olds)



with Rochelle Richards

$60/4 week session

Our kids yoga class is a nutritious blend of fun activity, meditation, relaxation and games that will encourage social interaction, creative thinking and collaboration. These classes are specially designed for the multi-faceted needs of your child: promoting self esteem and positive body image, self acceptance, communication and imagination, as well healthy, strong, flexible bodies. Elements of the class focus on meditation, grounding and relaxation, giving children a toolbox of skills to calm the nervous system as well as pranayama (breathing techniques). Every week is a new invitation to explore yoga poses, interact, introspect and enjoy connection with others.

Prenatal Mediation

Prenatal Yoga



with Shantelle Durocher

$99 + GST/6 week session

This class is designed to help you feel more comfortable and at ease in your changing body during pregnancy. We will create some space to connect with your baby and your body through guided meditations, breath techniques and gentle yoga sequences. This class will have a short energizing portion in the middle to help support the endurance needed for a healthy pregnancy, labour & birth. Modifications are always available so you can personalize each pose as you see fit. Bonus techniques and information inspired by Shantelle's experience as a birth doula will be shared to help you transition from pregnancy to birth and into parenthood with more ease and confidence.

This will be a welcoming space to all who are on this pregnancy journey! Please bring your mat, and as an option to enhance your comfort, also bring a yoga block and a bolster.

Practicing Yoga with Babies

Baby & me



with Shantelle Durocher

$99 + GST/6 week session

This class is specifically designed for anyone with a new baby! This includes new moms, dads, and those who find themselves for any reason caring for a new baby! We will focus primarily on YOU each class helping to release discomforts in the body & mind that may come with being a care provider to a new human. We will also have short periods of each class dedicated to the baby - these can include infant massage, baby and me yoga postures, and/or baby yoga time.

We will practice a variety of meditations and breath techniques coupled with gentle yoga sequences to help create more ease and stability in your body and in your mind. This class is like no other in its fluidity & unpredictability! You are encouraged to tend to the needs of your little one whenever needed: freely feed, change and soothe your baby at any time without feeling like you need to leave the room, knowing you are fully supported here to do what's best for the two of you.

Babies from newborn up to crawling are welcome. Please bring an open mind, your yoga mat + a toy and a blanket for your little one. Optional props to bring include a yoga block, strap & a bolster.