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Consciousness Explored
7 Week Series


Meditation is the ancient method of quieting the mind to relieve stress, anxiety and to awaken one’s inner teacher. In this series of classes you will learn many different meditation techniques to tap into your own innate guidance and intelligence. Come and explore your inner world in a relaxed and safe environment.

7:30 - 9 :00pm, Tuesdays
April 26th - June 7th

$175.00 + GST

with Erik Hanzen

Healing Breath
7 Week Series

Kundalini Yoga Breathing

A healing and consciousness expanding system based on the natural intelligence of the body. This technique utilizes the power of the breath to heal and balance the mind and body combining techniques of yogic breathing and shamanic breathing. The breath is the most powerful source of life force energy which can heal the body, open blockages, reveal patterns or addictions, assist in the releasing of past trauma or abuse and accelerate spiritual growth. Contraindications – high blood pressure and pregnancy.

11:30am - 1:00pm, Wednesdays

$175.00 + GST

April 27th - June 8th

with Erik Hanzen

Katonah Yoga® Monthly MasterClass

yogashoot-3-min copy.jpg

Katonah Yoga® Monthly MasterClass

Katonah Yoga® is accessible to all levels of student, whether brand-new to yoga or seasoned practitioner, but with its technical precision and skillful use of metaphor, it tends to be especially captivating to teachers.

This 2 hour Master Class will expose you to many Katonah Yoga® techniques and elements of theory, explored through asana, pranayama, and meditation. Plenty of hands-on adjustments and supportive props will directly inform your form to maximize the utility and potency of your practice.

Sharing physical space, especially after the last few years, is a gift to both student and teacher. Come for a revelatory experience in community, buoyed and bolstered by intelligent technique and insightful guidance!


What is Katonah Yoga®?
Katonah Yoga® is an extraordinary approach to and method of yoga practice. Developed over the course of 45 years by Egyptian-American Nevine Michaan, it is a Hatha practice that draws from Iyengar Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Taoism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Sacred Geometry.

5:00 - 7:00pm, Fridays

$25.00 + GST per class

with Isabelle Addison