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Vision of Spring:
Vision Board Creation Workshop

Pink Blossom
May 6, 2023
1:00 - 5:00pm
with Krista Daneluz Vieira & Julie Pequin
$79 + GST

Immerse yourself in an afternoon full of connection, creativity and community. 


Yoga, vision boards, guided meditation,  manifestation, snacks and so much more.  Come and join us for a cup filling kind of day!

  • Yoga flow style class

  • Guided meditation

  • Create a vision board

  • Learn about manifestation

  • Tea & snacks

  • Share community & connection with others

  • Ignite your creativity

About Julie Pequin
Julie Pequin.jpg
Hello everyone, I'm Julie and I started creating vision boards about 6 years ago during my first weekend away yoga retreat.  I have been practicing yoga for over a decade, teaching since 2018 and running my own yoga business since 2019.  
A vision board has become part of creating my yoga lifestyle, manifesting what I dream about and tapping into my inner desires.  Assisting me to bring forth what I want in my life by creating a beautiful display that serves as a constant reminder in case I have unintentionally put it off to the side.  
I love to get crafty, feel my inner child show up, let go of any expectations and be in awe of the board that puts itself together in front of me. 
I usually choose to create them at a pivotal time in my life, a new year, a change in season or after major life events have taken place although anytime you wish would be the right time to create one.
Then I set my new vision board in a place where I can see it numerous times each day.  Just like setting an intention or repeating an affirmation, I believe manifesting through a vision board allows you the opportunity to align yourself, become available and open to receive what the Universe has waiting for you.  I have experienced  the surprise and joy when I realize what I cut and pasted into my latest "masterpiece" aka vision board showed up for me, it arrived, it's taking place, etc.
I am honoured to share my love of creating vision boards with all of you while spending time and energy connecting in community.
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