Summer Sadhana Retreat

Meditation Class

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Full Day Retreat 9:00am - 5:30pm

at Yogarise



Krista Daneluz Vieira, E-RYT 200

Daisy Grossi, Registered Psychologist

and Michelle Stady, RYT 200

$189.00 + GST

This retreat is pure nourishment for mind, body and soul. For one full day, in a beautiful rural yoga oasis, you will have the opportunity to connect and share in a centering and heart-uplifting community to replenish your energy and align your intention with your movement through life.


Weaving together the threads of yoga asana (postures), pranayama (breath regulation) and meditation creates a potent combination for grounding, inner clarity and alignment with one's deepest purpose. When distractions are minimized, concentration can be cultivated and directed internally to shift ideologies and patterns that hold us static.


Join Krista, Daisy and Michelle to explore clearing stagnant energy through movement (90 minute all-levels flow yoga practice) and elevating prana through breathing exercises. Access the healing power of the psyche through the Hawaiian Ho'oponopono technique. Discover how to restore and maintain balance with vedic mantra meditation. Renew your nervous system with a guided restorative nidra sequence. Explore de-patterning and unearthing the intention of your deepest heart, inwardly aligning with purpose and compassion, to create lasting vibrations and inner clarity. This retreat is designed to renew and refresh, inviting you back to your center.


There will be opening and closing circles to form connection, time spent in nature (weather permitting), and time to reflect. A delicious vegan lunch will be provided.

Daisy Grossi.webp
Daisy Grossi

B.A., M.C.P., Registered Psychologist of Clear Presence Psychology

It is not only my training and education that gives form to my work with people, it is my life experience and natural movement to love and care for others that truly motivates me. I have always had a spiritual calling and understanding of the beauty that is inherent in and between all of us. I have dedicated my life to letting go of my own limiting beliefs so that I am able to live a life of contribution.

Everything I share in my work with clients I put into practice in my own life and that's how I know the goodness of what is shared. 

Michelle Stady.jpg
Michelle Stady

Registered Yoga Teacher

My personal meditation practice began shortly after I was diagnosed with severe postpartum depression. Although I had been living with multiple, daily panic attacks, constant anxiety, brain fog, and fatigue, the diagnosis came as a shock. After a series of violent visions, I was immediately placed on anti-depressants and then spent the following 3 years actively learning how to restore balance back to my life.

In 2011 I was introduced to Vedic Mantra Meditation by Ian Hayward, an accomplished Ayurvedic Wellness Consultant and Panchakarma Therapist. Within a few weeks, a radical shift occurred. Energy, clarity, focus, and a more youthful, passionate presence slowly began to emerge from my daily practice. The constant sluggishness and fogginess that had became my norm began to lift. The days that I meditated were 100% better than the days I missed.

Fascinated by this simple practice and its profound results, I dove into the science and history of Ayurveda and meditation. After completing Ian's series of Advanced Ayurveda Courses, and with his incredible support and guidance, I began to teach Vedic Mantra Meditation.

I am now honoured to be able to share this healing practice with others so that they too can re-discover their inner compass. It all begins with a bit of self care. Self care is the first step to health, happiness, peace, and abundance. 

Self care is love in its purest form.