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Chanelle Smith

Registered Yoga Teacher

Chanelle's yoga practice began in her early teens. She discovered a love for the physical aspects because of her involvement as a dancer. Her practice evolved from the purely physical aspects as she became aware of the benefits yoga was having on her mental and physical health. She discovered a passion for the practice through her adult years and found herself excitedly recommending yoga to everyone she spoke to.  


In 2018 decided to take her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training so that she could bring the healing benefits of yoga to others and show the world that yoga is for EVERYBODY - not just the fit, flexible people you see on the internet!  In the beginning of 2019 she took her 200 hour Meditation Teacher Training to further her knowledge and abilities to spread the practice. Her goal is to spread love, peace and healing to everyone she can reach. Namaste!

Chanelle Smith
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