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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Yogarise located?

Yogarise is located 10 minutes west of Stony Plain, nestled on an acreage on Range Road 20, north of the Yellowhead. Our address is:

53326 Range Road 20, Parkland County

How do I Get to Yogarise?

If coming from Stony Plain or Spruce Grove, drive west on Highway 16A or 16 (Yellowhead) until you reach Range Road 20 (comes directly after RR 15). Turn right (north) on RR 20. If you are coming from further west, follow the highways and turn left to head north on RR 20. Also, try using GPS if you are unsure of exact directions from where you are coming from! Once on RR 20, drive about 2.5 km. On a big curve to the right, you will see tall spruce trees and a driveway on the left hand (east) side of the road with the address 53326 RR 20 as well as a Yogarise sign. Turn into the driveway and into the parking lot on the right hand side. Follow the signs up to the studio door and you're here!

What do I Need to Bring with Me?

We encourage you to bring all props you may need for the practice: a yoga mat and water bottle are the most essential items. If you have a yoga block, strap and a blanket, these are great to throw into your yoga mat bag. Sometimes it is nice to have a hand towel in case you work up a bit of sweat, or a change of clothes if you have somewhere else you need to be. We also supply straps, blocks, blankets, sandbags, eye pillows and bolsters if you prefer to use the studio props!

What should I wear?

We encourage you to come dressed for the practice: comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely is perfect! If the class is more vigorous (e.g., a flow class) a tank top is a great idea as it can get warm in the studio.

What temperature are the classes?

We consider ourselves to be a WARM yoga studio. This means the room is heated to keep the studio cozy and yes, you may even work up a sweat in a more vigorous class! If the class is a slower paced, more relaxing practice, you will still be comfortable and snug with the temperature hovering around 26 degrees. This allows us to meet the happy medium of those who prefer a warmer class and those who don't want to overheat. Come see for yourself!

Are there showers or Change Rooms?

As a boutique studio, we have one washroom at the studio and no showers. We encourage you to come as prepared to practice as possible. You are welcome to use the washroom to change if you need! With our doors open half an hour prior to class, there is lot's of time to come in, use the washroom and change if needed before and after class.

I'm a Beginner. Can I still Practice at Yogarise?

We welcome all practitioners, including newcomers to yoga, and those with specific goals and health concerns. We do our best to meet your needs and if we can't, will point you in the direction of a studio or yoga teacher who may be better able to assist you. In our mind, yoga is a practice for all, regardless of age, race, sex, orientation or mobility. We are inclusive and welcome everyone to our studio. The best classes for beginners include our Gentle Flow, Nurturing Flow, Yin Yoga and Candlelight Yoga classes.

How do I sign up?

You can book classes, workshops and yoga teacher training online or even create your own Yogarise Account! If you have any questions, text us at (780) 298-9642, send us an email at for more information or sign up for our newsletter so you get updates right to your inbox. We are so excited to welcome you to the Yogarise community! Namaste!

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