Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Sunday, September 19, 2021

8:30am - 5:00pm  

with Krista Daneluz Vieira, E-RYT 200

$199 + GST

Restorative yoga is a gentle, deeply calming practice that incorporates long-held poses where the body is supported by props to enable relaxation. In this training, we will look at the nervous system and how restorative practices impact the sympathetic and para-sympathetic responses innate within us, as well as our overall well-being physiologically and mentally. You will learn restorative poses and how to effectively use props to modify for comfort, as well as the benefits of each pose. You will also learn how to sequence and plan a restorative class and what considerations to make that are unique to restorative yoga. If you are a yoga teacher or student looking to bring a deeper restorative understanding and practice to your teaching and your life, this training is for you.

Integrated Yoga Teacher
Immersion Program

Image by Conscious Design

Yoga teacher training is a profound and transformative experience. It can also be a whirlwind of growth, information and eye-opening expansiveness within and without. A 200 hour training can feel overloading in terms of how much information is presented so quickly and yet also, as if the surface of the vastness of yoga has just barely been scratched. 

The Integrated Yoga Teacher Immersion Program is designed to deepen your understanding, knowledge and application of yoga in the following areas:

  • knowledge of anatomy, alignment and in-depth posture review

  • adjustments (hands on & verbal)

  • advanced sequencing and class structuring

  • personal sadhana - meditation, inquiry & pranayama practices

  • practicum teaching - giving you hours of opportunity to gain experience teaching

  • business development - how to create a thriving livelihood teaching yoga and growing your offerings

If you've been looking to:

  • gain more experience teaching

  • grow your understanding of anatomy and yoga-related alignment

  • fine-tune your sequencing and class planning abilities

  • dive deeper personally into meditative and breath control practices

  • broaden your awareness and understanding of yoga postures

...this immersion is for you. If you are excited to join us for this amazing training program, click the button above to email us so we can add you to our list.