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Hey there! I'm Krista and I'm so glad you're here. I'm super thrilled to share some resources and information to help you on your journey teaching yoga and doing what you love.


Before you read any further, if you are currently feeling a little stuck as a yoga teacher, download my free Clarity Toolkit. This is for you if you are looking for a little more flow, some inspiration and clearer inner direction on what you are doing and the kind of business you are creating,  This will start moving you forward right away!

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You're Amazing

I want to take a moment to celebrate YOU - your experiences, your inspiration have led you to a place where you are sharing your passion with the world, and that is amazing.

Each of our journeys are so unique. Ask yourself, what is inspiring you to teach yoga and hold this space for others? You did not and a yoga teacher by accident, and you have something meaningful to share with your community. 

Whether you are just starting or have been doing this a long time, the world needs what you have to offer and I am to make sure you receive the support you need.  

Yoga Friends

I'm a mom to two sweet kiddos, wife to a carpenter from Brazil, perma-sipper of homemade chai and nature lover who lives from the heart and has quirky entrepreneurial tendencies.

I've been teaching yoga for 15 plus years and have a track record of managing studios, generating business ideas and putting the gems into action. Yogarise combines the things I love the most about yoga: community, connection, and authenticity. 

My passion is supporting yoga teachers who have dreams of teaching yoga, creating high-level offerings and possibly opening their own studio one day. The programs I offer help you build confidence, the skillsets and the mindset to do what you dream to do while achieving a high level of success and living a life you love. 

About Me
Yoga Class
Yoga Teacher Resources

These guides are designed to help you begin levelling up your mindset and yoga offerings from the heart.

Download these to start growing your confidence, tap back into your creativity and gain inspiration on designing your workshops and course offerings.

The Confident Yoga Teacher


This mini-course is for the yoga teacher who is lacking confidence or feeling nervous about starting to teach to help get you teaching right away. Maybe you are freshly finished your teacher training and you are feeling the gap and starting to freeze a bit? Or you did your training X months or years ago and now want to start teaching but you feel it has been too long? This is the program that is going to effectively get you back on the mat as a teacher, grow your confidence, replenish your teaching skills and open the doors to opportunities for you.

Coming soon! Click the link below to get on the waitlist.

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The Abundant Yoga Teacher


Are you ready to make a living doing what you love? This mini-course is for the yoga teacher ready to transcend the paradigms around money, the yoga industry and old models of running successful yoga businesses.


This self-paced course will teach you how to create a thriving yoga business that doesn't eat up all of your time, using a proven system that maximizes your energy and attracts your ideal students. Come away with a plan you can begin to implement immediately to create a business & life you love.

Coming soon! Join the waitlist so you don't miss out!

The Thriving Yogipreneur


You've been teaching and you are ready to go all in on creating workshops, courses, training programs, launch your online offer or even open a yoga studio. This is the course that will help you put all of the building blocks into place, from conception to implementation to marketing and launching your course. If you are ready to create a thriving business for yourself, this mentorship program is for you!

Coming soon! Click the link below to get on the waitlist.

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Elevation Method


You know deep in your heart that there is more for you. There is something in your life that needs to shift, whether it's in your career, your relationships, your self worth and confidence or your health. And you can feel that right now you are stuck. And it feels almost impossible to change where you are, to shift your circumstances, and you know, because you've tried. 

You are ready to elevate your life. You don't want to live one more day stuck as you are right now - you are ready to shift into a more confident and authentic version of yourself, living a life you love. If this is resonating, book a call with me where we will identify what obstacles are in your way, how to transcend them and create a path forward to where you want to be.

What People Are Saying...
We LOVE hearing what our mentorship clients have to say about their experiences with Krista! Here are a few testimonials from former clients.

I came into this program looking for just one thing, more information on anatomy. Every training I went to I always felt I was never getting enough information that related directly to me, so a mentorship program seemed to be the answer. Through this program not only did I learn about anatomy, but I also learned how to develop workshops, one-on-one yoga classes, marketing, adjustments, and a simple way to incorporate language above information about a pose. This is a quality program that meets the needs of you as the individual. If you want to expand your business as a yoga teacher, or begin your teaching journey, I 10/10 recommend this program! 

Rebecca Considine

Going through Krista's Mentorship is like going to therapy every week. You shed layers of yourself you didn’t know existed. Unlearning fears and limiting beliefs. Learning techniques and tools to help you stay grounded when those old beliefs try and creep back up. You gently blossom into who you truly are. Spending time with Krista is medicine and I’d recommend this program to anyone looking to change their life. 

Gabby Grekul

I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to start a business, build up, or expand a current business, or those looking to start something completely new. Although this is a yoga based mentorship program, the way it is designed, I feel like so many could benefit from it. It's jam-packed with goodness and takes you right inside, where you can dig deep and find the answers to your own questions; leaving you with the ability to move forward with more clarity. From there, you can explore what is needed to achieve your goals. The sky really is the limit and this program helped give me direction, focus and the resources required to dig deeper and reach higher.

Shelley Budinski

After completing my mentorship program with Krista, I felt much more confident in my skills and abilities as both a teacher & studio owner. I was able to find solutions to real-time challenges and address business concerns as they arose.  I think the program would be invaluable to a new teacher/business owner. It offers both practical teaching/sequencing/safety information in addition to business strategy & covering matters of day to day operations all with a heart centered focus. 

Kirsten Schriever

Do you have questions? Wondering which program is the right one for you?
Book a free Clarity Call with Krista to discuss.
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