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Registered Yoga Teacher

I started yoga about 10 years ago when I saw a news article with all the benefits yoga has for people with anxiety and depression. I decided to take a chance (at that point I had nothing to lose!) and began a regular yoga practice. I was hooked! I started to realize that not only was my body feeling stronger, I was feeling better mentally too. I wanted to explore just what this thing called "yoga" was a little deeper and found Prana Yoga Studio in Edmonton Alberta. There I took my 200 hour Akhanda yoga training in 2020 (online) and my 300 hour training (in person) in 2023. My sincere love of yoga is why I am here today. I want to share with everyone the joy and peace yoga can bring. It is also my deepest belief that yoga is for everyone, and every body. I am not your typical yogi, I'm not here to help you bend into those shapes you see on instagram! If you have a desire to get to know yourself, your mind, body and spirit, and a willingness to get on your mat, you're in the right place!

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