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Kirtan Sound Healing

Friday, August 16
6:00 - 8:00pm

with Tiffany Sparrow
$39 + GST

Join us for a playful and heartfelt evening of chanting and sound healing, an ancient practice of sound yoga.


Experience sound yoga first through actively creating sound as we chant together. Then integrate and receive as you're bathed in the vibrations of sound healing instruments.


Kirtan is the call and response singing of sacred Sanskrit mantras and other chants. We join together in this practice to move more deeply into our hearts, to release and express gratitude and to come more fully into the present moment. Chanting the sounds of the mantras and songs is one of the most powerful forms of sound healing because it creates a vibration from within in the body, which affects mind, heart and spirit.


Then relax into a delicious soundbath that will invite you attune, align and harmonize your body mind spirit. The sound vibrations of crystal singing bowls, drum, handpan and more will help you move and release what isn't serving and amplify your blessings.


You will leave feeling connected, cleared and revitalized.

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