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Foundation Flow

Foundation Flow is a relaxed pace flow class that sets the framework for yogic breathing, poses and methods. Here you will explore pose names, including instructions for modifing them to suit your body. We will also show how to use the props to support proper alignment in the position. Transition between poses is done slower to establish sequences of moving in a way that promotes health and wellness. This class is suited for beginners and for anyone who would like to build strength and more awareness in the body.

Gentle Yoga

An ideal class for beginners and for those with no yoga experience, as well as for anyone working on rehabiltiation or on the journey of bringing more strength and movement into their lives. Here we start with the basics, learning modifications, the foundation of the postures, how to integrate breath into the practice, and everything you can think of to begin at the beginning. This class teaches you all of the cornerstone poses to start your yoga journey with.

Flow Yoga

Flow yoga incorporates your breath and movement. This class will warm your muscles up, strengthen your core, stretch and revitalize your body. The yoga flow will bring mindful awareness to your breath with pranayama. Get ready to feel more grounded, refreshed and balanced when you have completed the class.

Yin Within

Yin yoga is a slow class filled with meditative long-held poses that encourage the connective tissue in your body to relax and lengthen. During this class you can relax, breathe space into your body and rest. These poses help with softening tight areas in the body, and assist with relaxing your mind and heart.


Have you ever wanted to understand your yoga practice on a deeper level and gain insight as to what is happening within your body during the postures with a scientific anatomy understanding? If so, you must check out this class. We move through the pose transitions at a slower pace in order to bring awareness to show how the body is moving. There is a focus on how to create specific pose shapes, which includes anatomical references to deepen understanding. This class will arm you with a greater understanding of the body and will leave you feeling refreshed and centered!


This class, named after our studio is everything that we love about yoga. It integrates many movements to create a holistic basis for your enhancing your yoga practice in more ways than just the body. It blends asana with pranayama (breath),and guides you individually with a deepening, inward experience of your yoga practice. This class is an invitation to delve into an intentional, multi-layered practice which will bring you to the center of who you are.

Hip Opening Flow

This flow class creates balance on both sides of the body, with a focus on the hip joints and the spine. The poses create stability, at the same time encouragin freedom of movement. The class will warm your core up, activate your breath and leave you feeling limber, aligned and energised.

Heart Opening Flow

This class merges breath with flowing movement between the poses and is deeply connect to the heart. You will leave feeling uplifted and accomplished with the way that the class integrates arm positions with breath in a way that activates heart and lung meridans. The front line of your body will be opened with warrior poses, mixed in with backbends and meditation with a focus on the heart.

Yoga Core

This yoga class will build the connection to your entire core. The goal is to create functional movement patterns which are stabilized and supported from the core of the body moving outwards. You will feel invigorated, strong and uplifted!

Myofascial Flow

This class combines self-massage methods with more typical yoga poses. It builds upon the understanding of how the body's muscles and connective tissue integrate to allow movement. The myofacial release techiniques and skin rolling is brought into the practice and will help release the muscles from the fascia (connective tissues), which will result in your whole body moving more freely and functioning better.

No Hands Flow

If you have wrist pain, this is an ideal class for you to check out. It combines the yoga elements of breath and flow, but there are no harsh angles on your wrists or any pressure placed on the wrist joints. It will allow you to integrate your breath with the pose movement, and will leave you feeling inspired, energised and free from wrist discomfort.

Rest & Restore

This class is designed to support the digestive and rest aspects of the central nervous system. It incorporates props to allow for comfort and longer pose holds, giving the body and mind space to feel relaxed and truly at ease. The poses encourage and promote lymphatic flow, restfullness and circulation.

Ashtanga Inspired

Ashtanga style yoga uses breath-movement integrated poses, which are designed to heat the body, as well as detox and build strength in the nervous system. Ashtanga yoga includes six series and this class is modelled after the poses in the Primary Series. The movements change from class to class, but all include balanced, flowing, five second pose holds. If you would like to try a class to deepen your whole body core connection and focus your intention, this class is a must.

Stillpoint Meditation

This class is a meditation based practice and allows you to be guided to connect with your inner stillness and silence in order to become more aware of your thoughts in a grounded and safe space. The instructor guides you into the meditative space and leaves you there for a time in silence, then will guide you back to the conscious. Afterwards tea is offered, which may be enjoyed in mindful conversation or reflective silence. If you are looking for an opportunity to focus your awareness around your thoughts and if you should hold on to them or not, this is a class to check out. It is suitable for beginners to experienced meditators.

Yin Yang Balance Flo

This class harmonizes strength (yang) and softening (yin) by starting with vinyasa movements around breath and flow, then will slow down into relaxing, restorative yin poses. This offers those who love the yin style of yoga an opportunity to add integrated strength movements to their practice, with still enjoying the restorative poses. All levels are welcome in this accessible class!

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Restorative yoga is a gentle, deeply calming practice that incorporates long-held poses where the body is supported by props to enable relaxation. In this training, we will look at the nervous system and how restorative practices impact the sympathetic and para-sympathetic responses innate within us, as well as our overall well-being physiologically and mentally. You will learn restorative poses and how to effectively use props to modify for comfort, as well as the benefits of each pose. You will also learn how to sequence and plan a restorative class and what considerations to make that are unique to restorative yoga. If you are a yoga teacher or student looking to bring a deeper restorative understanding and practice to your teaching and your life, this training is for you.

Integrated Yoga Teacher Training Immersion Program

Yoga teacher training is a profound and transformative experience. It can also be a whirlwind of growth, information and eye-opening expansiveness within and without. A 200 hour training can feel overloading in terms of how much information is presented so quickly and yet also, as if the surface of the vastness of yoga has just barely been scratched. The Integrated Yoga Teacher Immersion Program is designed to deepen your understanding, knowledge and application of yoga in the following areas: - knowledge of anatomy, alignment and in-depth posture review - adjustments (hands on & verbal) - advanced sequencing and class structuring - personal sadhana - meditation, inquiry & pranayama practices - practicum teaching - giving you hours of opportunity to gain experience teaching - business development - how to create a thriving livelihood teaching yoga and growing your offerings This immersion program is for you if you've been looking to: - gain more experience teaching - grow your understanding of anatomy and yoga-related alignment - fine-tune your sequencing and class planning abilities - dive deeper personally into meditative and breath control practices - broaden your awareness and understanding of yoga postures

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About Stony Plain

About Stony Plain AB

Stony Plain is a town in Alberta, located in Parkland County, just West of Edmonton. The town was originally named Dog Rump Creek, but in the late 1800s a pioneer named John Leod McDonald, who was the area's first postmaster, successfully petitioned to have the town renamed to Stony Plain.

Today Stony Plain is a growing town with a population of 17,842 - according to the 2019 census data. The town is known for the beautiful art murals that adorn buildings around the town. There are over 39 in the town and surrounding areas. Stony Plain is also the host of music festivals like Blueberry Bluegrass and Country Music Festival as well as cultural events like Alberta Culture Days and Farmers' Days.

Stony Plain is an excellent and lively place to set down roots. Macleans magazine rated this town in the top 75 cities in Canada to live due to its affordability, growth, community, low crime, weather, health and more. The town has beautiful parks and green spaces, along with many amenities such as a full-service hospital.

Yogarise is proud to be a part of this vibrant community and welcomes all residents of Stony Plain and Parkland County to join us on the mat.

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