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Lotus Flower

The Living Lotus

Friday, March 1st, 2024
with Alethea Latta, RYT & Krista Daneluz Vieira, E-RYT 200
$66 + GST

The lotus blooms from roots .... roots, which are buried in mud. It may seem paradoxical that something so delicate and beautiful can come from muck, and yet this is a parallel for the journey of ourselves; born from difficulty, having met challenges and struggle, we are refined and keenly made aware that the totality of our experiences, the lightness and also the dark, are what have guided us to now, to this present moment within ourselves.


We hold this space for the integrated whole of us - for all of the pieces that have contributed to making us who and what we are, with loving-kindness and a grateful heart.


Guided by Alethea and Krista, The Living Lotus is a blend of yoga flow and yin, meditation, connection, ceremony and togetherness, laughter, listening and being. Tea and snacks are provided. A different intention and focus is brought forth each gathering. Women only please.

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