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Yin Yoga Teacher Training
20 Hours

April 5-7, 2024
Friday, Apr 5:  5:00-9:00pm
Saturday, Apr 6:  12:00pm-5:00pm
Sunday, Apr 7:  9:00am-5:00pm  
with Amanda Whiting
$429 + GST

Join experienced yoga teacher, Amanda Madhu Whiting, on a journey through yin yoga. Yin yoga is a practice of depth, intensity, nourishment, and intuition. While exploring the body’s connective tissues, energetic pathways, and organ functions, a profound meditative portal opens, providing space and new ways of being in the physical experience.


In this 20 hour training, you will learn:


~ Yin Yang theory

~ The benefits, resolutions, precautions and potential outcomes of yin yoga

~ Introduction to meridian theory from a yin perspective


~ Anatomy and physiology as it pertains to yin postures


~ How the physical and energetic bodies work together in yin poses and how this impacts the mind


~ Interoception and the nervous system


~ Yin postures including cues, modifications and precautions


~ Sequencing a yin class

Yin Yoga Teacher Training is one of the modules eligible within our 100 Hour Yoga Immersion Program. If you are interested in registering for this module through that program, or curious about what is included within the Immersion, please visit the link below.

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