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The Heart-Centered Yoga Teacher
Business + Mentorship Program

Elevate Your Yoga Career Masterclass

There is a way to take your passion for yoga and serving people and channel it to create a business you love that doesn't exhaust your time, energy or finances. Would you love a yoga career that:

- brings you energy and reminds you every day you wake up how much you love your life and what you are doing

- empowers you to make decisions that support your goals while your business grows

- brings higher value to your students while maximizing your output to save your time and energy

- you can easily scale to create predictable and sustainable income so you can take action from a place of abundance

- you know without a doubt is making a difference, you love what you do and know you are living in alignment with your heart and deepest intentions


If this resonates with you, join this masterclass with Krista (yoga teacher, studio owner, yoga teacher mentor, RMT & teacher trainer). This class will teach you:

- the root of scarcity and how to create an abundance mindset

- how to create an offer suite that will create reliable, predictable income

- the three keys to transformation and how they will scale your yoga business

Join Krista for this online masterclass Thursday, August 10th at 4:00pm MST

Krista Daneluz Vieira.png
With Krista Daneluz Vieira

This mentorship is more than a yoga teacher training program.

It is a proven support system for your own transformation.


In this program, you are met EXACTLY where you are and are given the tools, resources and support to clarify the vision you have for your life and your self and take actionable steps toward bringing it into reality, all from a heart-centered place. 

Have you been feeling stagnant in your teaching, lacking confidence in your ability to teach, or feeling uninspired or unclear about the future?


Do you teach in multiple locations and are starting to feel burned out with the running around and not making enough to support yourself and/or your family?


Do you feel a lack of balance between your work and your personal life and wish you had more freedom and flexibility?


Have you been wanting to expand what you offer and yet don't know where to start, how you want to grow or how to market yourself?


Do you want to create a thriving, heart-centered yoga or wellness business that you absolutely LOVE working for every single day?

Krista has worked with scores of yoga teachers and students that have been exactly where you are:


You know you are ready for a shift and that the only way to get there is with a CLEAR ACTIONABLE PLAN and ACCOUNTABILITY...

You are ready to examine patterns and beliefs that are keeping you stuck in cycles of suffering and move forward with CLARITY and AUTHENTICITY...

You are ready to build unshakable, genuine confidence in yourself as a person AND as a teacher and align with your HIGHEST VIBRATION...

You are ready to TAKE THE STEPS to build a business that empowers you, uplifts others and that gives you financial freedom, fulfillment and flexibility in your schedule...

You are ready to be the creator of your life, and do what you are CALLED IN YOUR HEART to do.

Yogarise Teachers.jpg

If this resonates with you, it's time to book a Clarity Call with Krista.

You are ONE YES AWAY from creating and living a heart-centered life that you LOVE, doing what you are called to do.


Curious and ready to chat about it? Book a FREE Clarity Call with Krista to highlight your goals, identify obstacles and plan a clear, actionable path forward both personally and as a yoga teacher.

What People Are Saying...
We LOVE hearing what our mentorship clients have to say about their experiences with Krista! Here are a few testimonials from former clients.

I came into this program looking for just one thing, more information on anatomy. Every training I went to I always felt I was never getting enough information that related directly to me, so a mentorship program seemed to be the answer. Through this program not only did I learn about anatomy, but I also learned how to develop workshops, one-on-one yoga classes, marketing, adjustments, and a simple way to incorporate language above information about a pose. This is a quality program that meets the needs of you as the individual. If you want to expand your business as a yoga teacher, or begin your teaching journey, I 10/10 recommend this program! 

Rebecca Considine

Going through Krista's Mentorship is like going to therapy every week. You shed layers of yourself you didn’t know existed. Unlearning fears and limiting beliefs. Learning techniques and tools to help you stay grounded when those old beliefs try and creep back up. You gently blossom into who you truly are. Spending time with Krista is medicine and I’d recommend this program to anyone looking to change their life. 

Gabby Grekul

I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to start a business, build up, or expand a current business, or those looking to start something completely new. Although this is a yoga based mentorship program, the way it is designed, I feel like so many could benefit from it. It's jam-packed with goodness and takes you right inside, where you can dig deep and find the answers to your own questions; leaving you with the ability to move forward with more clarity. From there, you can explore what is needed to achieve your goals. The sky really is the limit and this program helped give me direction, focus and the resources required to dig deeper and reach higher.

Shelley Budinski

After completing my mentorship program with Krista, I felt much more confident in my skills and abilities as both a teacher & studio owner. I was able to find solutions to real-time challenges and address business concerns as they arose.  I think the program would be invaluable to a new teacher/business owner. It offers both practical teaching/sequencing/safety information in addition to business strategy & covering matters of day to day operations all with a heart centered focus. 

Kirsten Schriever

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