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Light of Your Being
May Intentional Yoga Challenge

May 1 - May 31

Yoga is a journey both on and off the mat. At any time, having community, connection, support and inspiration can infuse our practice with purpose, consistency and the desire to dive deeper. When we commit to our practice and the lifestyle of yoga in all aspects of our lives, we feel a deeper impact, enjoy greater benefits and ultimately transform from the inside out.


These 31 days will re-connect you with your practice if you've fallen off, remind you of your purpose, your power and your life intentions and guide you into a deeper connection with yoga and yourself.


Your intentional month of yoga and wellness includes:

- Intentional welcome circle on May 1 at 6:30pm
- Daily inspiration and support on your journey

- 2 hour ayurvedic workshop with Erik Hanzen on May 11th at 12pm

- Connected community WhatsApp group

- Wrap up Celebration on June 1st at 12pm


Join us for $215 regular or $115 (auto-renew members) for this month of empowering transformation and potent inner alchemy.

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