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Tuning In with
Cacao & Yoga

Cozy Winter
Saturday, June 15
2:00 - 4:00pm

with Michelle Stady
$39 + GST

Join us as we explore the magic of Cacao and Yoga—paired with the subtle and powerful effects of Group Tuning. When intentionally combined, these practices can deepen and enhance the physical and emotional effect on body, mind, and spirit.

Like yoga, ceremonial grade Cacao invites expansion and helps release tension, leaving us feeling calm, grounded, and energized. Cacao helps us move energy out of our head and into our heart, and when combined with yoga these two ancient practices become deeply supportive and fulfilling.

Sound Therapy techniques using tuning forks amplify the experience, and also provide a therapeutic pathway for the release of emotional and physical tension. Tuning forks bring coherence and balance to our field, and help to remind the body of its self-healing and self-regulating abilities.


We will begin our practice with ceremonial-grade, native heirloom Cacao that is blessed with intention. A guided meditation and a Group Tuning will give you an opportunity to witness your own thoughts, emotions, and sensations. Once we are ready to flow into yoga, each asana (posture) will start slowly and gently with tuning forks placed on the body to facilitate deep relaxation and stabilization. After our physical practice, we will sit in stillness for savasana and meditation.

It may be helpful to bring a journal to write down any thoughts, feelings, emotions. This 90-minutes of ceremony, intention, postures and meditation is designed to plug you back into your true nature, leaving you feeling light, calm, energized, focused and deeply rooted.

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