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100 Hour Yoga Immersion

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Yogarise is dedicated to provided higher education and learning opportunities for yoga teachers and students to advance their connection with and understanding of the roots and path of yoga. This program is designed to help you evolve your conception related to philosophy, anatomy, and specialty teaching modalities. From this intention, our 100 Hour Yoga Immersion was conceived and brought into being.


In this program, you can choose any 5 of the 6 training modules offered between September 2023 and May 2024 to make up your 100 hours. In essence, you are self-building a program of your own learning. We understand that each person has different interests and paths to follow. For some, you are looking to grow your skills as a teacher. For others, you are looking to dive into the depths of yoga philosophy, self-enquiry or understand how to embody postures with breath and alignment. Each of these has its merits and this is why you get to choose 5 that align for you to create your own path of learning and discovery.

We have drawn from the wisdom and experience of four senior and experienced yoga teachers at Yogarise, who are each experts within their fields, to create offerings that will support and guide you in your growth as students and teachers of yoga. Each of these modules are available to register for on their own, or as part of the 100 hour immersion. (Note: module with Jennilee Barazzuol has already passed).

Available Modules:

Feb 23-25   |   Yogic Philosophy (Erik Hanzen)

Mar 8-10   |   Restorative Yoga Training (Krista Daneluz Vieira)

Apr 5-7   |   Yin Yoga Teacher Training (Amanda Whiting)

May 3-5   |   Jnana Yoga: Path of Self-Enquiry (Krista Daneluz Vieira)

May 24-26   |   Yoga Nidra Training (Amanda Whiting)

The 100 Hour Yoga Immersion is $1,930.50 + GST 

A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot within the program. 


Once you have registered, an application for will be emailed to you with your registration confirmation where you can select the modules you would like to sign up for.

Payment plans are available and can be catered to each individual.

A certificate of completion will be provided following attendance to all 5 modules and submission of additional homework/assignments.

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Erik Hanzen

Erik’s love for Yoga and Ayurveda started in 1995 when he was living in Boulder, Colorado and working for an Ayurvedic herbal store.  He began his basic Yoga practice to complement his active athletic lifestyle. 

Erik now combines his formal education in Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, and Ayurveda with his athletic background and love for Truth to create a unique way to explore the depths of Self through the movement, breath and philosophy of Yoga. 

Erik received his traditional Yoga training from Yogrishi Vishvketu.  This yogic system, Akhanda Yoga is based on the 2000 year old Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.  Akhanda is a balanced form of yoga combining meditation, pranayama, mantra and the practice of asana (postures) which opens the practitioner to return to our natural state of peace.  During his training, Erik was given the name Bhakti Prakash meaning “light of devotion”.  This devotion can be seen in his love for spreading the light of yoga to others. 

After completing his 500 hour teacher training, Erik began training yoga instructors in Canada and India.  When not teaching yoga he enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, snowboarding, camping, reading and living a simple life.


Meet Krista
Daneluz Vieira

Krista has been studying yoga and meditation for more than 20 years. She originally came to the practice seeking the 'ground', on an internal search for peace and serenity. She has managed yoga studios in Vancouver and Edmonton, run international yoga retreats and has taken multiple 200 hour trainings in hatha and ashtanga. Her diverse training, including a 300 hour YTT, 50 hour yin, restorative and eventually a 3000 hour massage therapy program, inspired her to support students more fully in their practices, from a heart-centered place, when she opened Yogarise studio in Parkland County. Her intention was to collaborate with intentional teachers to create a community where all would feel welcome to come and practice. Krista's path is one dedicated to the deep and everlasting peace available to each person, and to the connectedness through ahimsa (non-harming) that unites us all. She mentors yoga teachers in addition to managing the studio, providing sought-after massage therapy and lovingly raising her two children with her beloved husband, Rico.


Amanda Whiting

When Amanda first started yoga she was a 20-something year old looking for a way to relax. She did various types of yoga in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (ashtanga, kundalini, hatha), and determined that hatha yoga was the best fit for her at that time. She practiced yoga on and off through her pregnancies and after, and became serious again about yoga in 2012. Yoga has taught Amanda that through postures (asana), breath work (pranayama) and meditation, anxiety becomes more manageable, strength becomes apparent, and an overall sense of wellbeing is inevitable. Highly trained in yin, trauma informed yoga, as well as being an ERYT-500 and YACEP, Amanda offers trainings in Trauma Informed Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga and Yoga for Stress & Anxiety.


Jennilee Barazzuol

Jennilee began her own healing journey 20 years ago and has since then dedicated her life to deepening her own practice and holding space for others to do the same. Jennilee is a trauma-informed breathwork facilitator, energy healer, yoga and meditation teacher. She is continuously studying new techniques, trainings, and modalities to expand her offerings to clients and the community. And although she has studied with various teachers and masters around the world, she contributes her most valuable lessons to those from her children.

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